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Special Announcement
Saturday Morning Prayer Service

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we invite you to come to the Saturday Morning Prayer Service at 7 A.M., if you want to have a quiet time with God!  Approximately 20 people have been gathering since July.  You will experience the happiness of starting a day with God.

The program is about 15 minutes. It is done in English and Korean. After the service, you will pray on your own while music plays.  Coffee/refreshment time is very enjoyable too. 

Stephen Ministers Are Available

Stephen Ministers are available to help people get through tough times anytime of year. Please call Diana Toillion 625-1875 or Karen Cabral 623-1596 if you are in need of care.

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The Church of the Open Doors

Reaching Out and Welcoming In
with the Good News of God's Saving Love

Mililani Presby Church HOW TO FIND US

95-410 Kuahelani Ave, Mililani, HI 96789
(808) 623-6663
Contact us:

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Verse of the Day

Sunday Mornings at our Church

For more details about Holy Week services, click here.

Palm Sunday Service
with Palm Procession
April 13th

Maundy Thursday
April 17th
7pm at MPC

Good Friday
April 18th
7pm at MPC

Easter Sunrise Service
April 20th at 6am

Traditional Easter Service
April 20th at 9am

Children's Program at 10:30am
Easter story & egg hunt
for the keiki.

Mililani Presby Church SUNDAY MORNINGS
9:00 - 10:00 AM (English)
10:30 - 11:30 (Korean)

Sunday School

10:30 AM - for all ages

Mililani Presby Church PRESCHOOL
Mililani Presby Church

Watch for news about
(VBS 2014)

























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Mark Your Calendars

Deacons' Rainbow
Pizza Party

Spaghetti Dinner &
Talent Show
May 25 @ 5pm.


Mililani Church


Come and join the fun right after Sunday school on April 27 at 11:45am on the church lanai (this will be in place of the
monthly potluck).
It's our annual "Deacons' Rainbow Pizza Party," hosted by
the MPC Deacons for all the members of our six rainbow districts and their visiting friends.
Pizza - - FREE!
Drinks- - FREE!
Games- - FREE!
Salad & Dessert- - FREE!
Fellowship with MPC Friends- - PRICELESS!
Meet, compete, eat and celebrate with our
MPC District neighbors.
This will be a chance to meet our newest church members,
your District Deacon...and the best's FREE!
Sign-ups begin Sunday, April 6th on the church lanai

Mililani Church

Stephen Ministry Update
Spaghetti Dinner
and Talent Show

Stephen Ministry

Your future Stephen Ministers have been hard at work, studying for classes and
attending a working retreat in this past month. We have appreciated Pastor
Ron's whole hearted endorsement and participation in the training. He brings some high tech also to it all…

Get ready for our annual Spaghetti Dinner and Talent show in May.
We'd love to have you be part of
the Talent Show, even just to tell a joke or two, juggle or do a skit. We raise funds for continuing education
for our Stephen Ministers through donations for the dinner. Save the date ~ May 25 @ 5pm.
For anyone needing some care from an already trained Stephen Minister please call Pastor Ron 623-
6663, Karen Cabral 623-1596 or Diana Toillion 625-1875 for more information. We are here for you.
All of us could use a listening friend when we suffer or go through difficult times. We are honored to serve you..

"A new command I give you: Love one another, as I have loved you,
so you must love one another."

John 13:34

Mililani Church

MPC Financial Update
Elder & Treasurer, John Toillion

Those of you who were able to attend our MPC Annual Meeting in January heard that our MPC financial outlook for 2014 had several challenges. Of most concern was the General Fund's $52,875 deficit incurred in 2013 primarily due to the preschool's drop in enrollment
for the 2013-2014 school year. However, we were fortunate to receive the much needed
cash infusion through loans from the Building Fund and Ministerial Housing Fund to mitigate
this deficit and take us into 2014 with cash on hand.
Since the second half of the 2013-2014 school year fell into the first six months of our 2014 budget year Session took a number of actions to mitigate a potential shortfall. These
actions included the termination of our yard service contract which was replaced by a team of four volunteers who faithfully keep our grounds groomed every two weeks (and some
times more often with recent heavy rains). Session also made the difficult decision to reduce
our personnel costs, which represents 85% of our budget, by eliminating our temporary parttime
clerical position. Finance and Facilities also completed a formal User Agreement with the Hanmi Congregation which will result in Hanmi's providing a monthly "User Donation" of $1,500 per month starting March 1, 2014.
So, the question of the day is, "Where are we now?" As I often said, "We serve an all-knowing God and as long as we remain faithful and trust in Him, He will see us through
these financial challenges." That's exactly what He has done thus far in 2014. At the end of February 2014 our finances show a net surplus of $13,499. This is due in part to (a) an increase in MPP income due to an increase of students from 61 in December to 86 at the end
of February. Also, the Ministry Teams continue to strive to find ways to keep within or under
budget. A prime example is when our CE/Youth Director Kathryn Tingley led her charges of
MPC Youth (and some parents) to have a bake sale and car wash to help defray the cost of
sending 8+ youth and chaperones to the Hawaiian Island Ministry (HIM) conference. Over $700 was raised that precluded a significant "hit" on our 2014 budget.
While we have another 10 months to go, our financial situation is looking up (where else should we look?). One of our primary goals is to finish the year on the positive vice deficit
side of the ledger so we can reimburse the loans from the Ministerial Housing Fund as
well as our Building Fund while at the same time starting a Reserve Building Fund that will
be needed to cover major repairs (e.g., reroofing, rehabbing the office, conference room, and education rooms 1-4).
I personally would like to thank each of you who have not only made a 2014 pledge but those who have acknowledged the need to increase your giving and/or have made special
gifts in 2014.
One last item concerning tax considerations. The best way to ensure your giving is documented is to request a set of Offering Envelopes which carry a specific identification number. Having and using envelopes not only helps our weekly counters and bookkeeper but also will help you as well when it comes time to do your taxes.


Mililani Church


Mililani Church


In the Spotlight

Youth Group Report
HIM Fundraisers Car Wash

Pictured left to right: Basia Hicks, President Nicole Ching, Ms. Kathryn, Gabby Houston, Anna Summer Kenyon, Friend-Darlene, Helen Kim, Jo Houston. Not pictured but worked hard, Alex Cuizon & Mari Houston.

Thank you to everyone to came out to support the event. The youth raised $575! Wow! This covered one youth ticket and the rest of the hotel cost. Not only did the youth do the work, we had several adults jump in and help as well. Thank you!
Bake Sale—We had many wonderful treats, cookies, muffins, brownies, & rice krispie treats. made by the youth as well as church members. Thank you to all who baked, sold & purchased. The funds raised were $203 which went to-wards hotel costs.

Click here to see
Scout Sunday Photos

Mililani Church

Sunday, April 27 @ 10:30AM

Come, listen to her AFRICAN experience!
I first went to Tanzania to teach in 2003. I teach girls from the Maasai Tribe at the Maasai Girls Lutheran Secondary School ( MGLSS) . I have made seven trips there since 2003. I go because of a challenge put to us in a Sunday school here at MPC by a visiting retired seminary president. I usually teach two or four months at a time.
The girls I teach are between 14 and 17 years-old depending upon how long it has taken them to finish primary school. When they finish Primary School Maasai girls are frequently exchanged by their family for five cows. The five cows are the bride price for the girl. The girls are married at 14 or 15 years-old.
Girls at MGLSS have the rare opportunity to continue their education. Girls I have taught have become teachers, nurses, or business women. One girl I sponsored is a game park official, another is a lawyer. Their education has helped to lift them out of the only other option-marriage.
If you'd like to hear more about Kay's mission experience you can come hear her talk on April 27 during the Sunday school hour. She will have photos to go along with her presentation. Will be inspiring!

Mililani Church

Greeting Card Ministry

Bring in your old used greeting cards, calendars or magazine covers that the you don't want but still can be used for art projects.
The youth are joining in the Greeting Card Ministry that was started years ago by a lady in Kailua. She used the cards to make ABC and Poem books for the Shriner's Children's hospital and nursing homes. When she passed away another gal took it up with her ESL students as a way to learn English.
Our youth are collecting the old cards, cutting them up and sending to this woman so she can continue this minis-try. We will take old birthday, Christmas, any occasion cards as well as picture calendars or magazine covers.
There is a basket on the counter inside the front double doors to leave your donations. Be sure to cut out any per-sonal message or information!
Thank you for continuing support of our MPC Youth Group!

Mililani Church

Lent Season is Here

Lent is almost here.The Christian Education Team is offering several small group opportunities for this Lenten season. Pastor Ron chose the study Forgiveness written by Marjorie Thompson.
This study runs for six weeks and is filled with scriptural answers to common questions like:
• Is forgiveness a Christian duty under all circumstances?
Or are there situations when Christians do not need to forgive?
• Is forgiveness a matter between individuals, or is it meaningful only in the context of communities?
• Is forgiving the best route to healing for the injured?
• How do we get past emotional barriers to real forgiveness?
Watch for the Sunday bulletin insert where you can reserve your copy and sign up for one of the many small groups. We are looking for a couple of facilitators willing to lead the classes. (This does not mean you are expected to teach it!) A facilitator is a full participant. You just keep the time and help to harness in those individuals if they get off track. You can let CE know on the tear-off portion of the insert. We also will have sign-ups on the lanai after worship. Childcare will be available for some of the classes; just notate your need for this when signing up.

Mililani Church

Verse of the Day


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Regular Happenings

Mililani Church

Youth Group Activities for
April 2014

Mililani Church


Meet at Mililani Theaters. Ms. K will call or email you ahead with times once posted
 Bring signed permission form
 MPC will pay $5 of your ticket
 Bring money for snacks.
 Friends always welcome !

 Bring your tithe for Nelly
 Friends always welcome !

 Ms. K needs help hiding eggs
 RSVP if you can help. She will have a goodie bag for all youth who pitch in!

Mililani Church

Holy Week at MPC

Be sure to mark your April calendar with these Holy Week
services at MPC.

Traditional Service
with Palm Procession

April 13th
All children & youth
ages 2 and up are to
meet in room 1 prior to
worship that day. We
will march into the sanctuary preparing the way for Jesus
as the congregation sings "HOSANNA!

Maundy Thursday
April 17th
7pm at MPC

This service commemorates
the Last Supper when
Jesus shared His last meal
with His disciples on the night
before He was crucified.

Good Friday
April 18th
7pm at MPC

This is an ecumenical
service with Christ Lutheran
Church. Childcare
will be available

Easter Sunrise Service
April 20th at 6am

Enjoy the cool, early morning air and the sunrise with
Voices united in proclaiming,
"Christ is Risen!"
Light refreshments following the service.

Easter Sunday Service
April 20th at 9am

Come join us as we celebrate Christ's resurrection. The MPC
choir will be performing an Easter Cantata.
Children's Program at 10:30am
Following fellowship, there will be The Easter story & egg hunt
for the keiki. No Sunday school that day.

Mililani Church


This year's VBS will be held the last week of June, the 23rd through
27th making June 29th VBS Sunday! We hold our VBS during the evening
with a light dinner making it very easy on mom and dad to get here
after work. Recruiting & registration will begin soon, so watch the
bulletin for announcements!


Mililani Church


Bible Studies


By Liz Curtis Higgens

Come and join in on the ladies' Bible study at 10 a.m. on Tuesday mornings. We pray together, share our thoughts and needs, and study God's Word. Materials will be provided. Would love to have you!


Mililani Church