This governing board of up to twelve elders, who serve overlapping
three-year terms, is elected by the congregation.  The word
“Presbyterian” is from the Greek word in the Bible meaning “Elder.”  All church ministries are under the direction of Session.

Transitional Pastor - Rev Jayne Ryan Kuroiwa

Clerk of Session - John Martin

Christian Education - Elders Wally Park and Dion Houston

Congregation Life - Elders Adam Davidson and Margie Esteron

Outreach - Elders Young Kim (Missions) and Dave Keim (Evangelism)

Worship - Elder Daniel Kim

Facilities & Finances - Elders Russell Malone and Wally Park.



The nine deacons manage the church Parish Program, to provide care and support for the church members and friends, and to assist in new member assimilation. They maintain an emergency fund to help parish members in emergencies.

Moderator - Kathryn Tingley

Assistant Moderator - Vacant

District Coordinator - Rick Esteron

Red District - Stephanie Ching

Yellow District - Elliott Park

Pink District - Tish Ashcraft

Blue District - Mary Cordial

Orange District - Jessica Hayashi

Green District - Charlene Storch

* Deacon-at-Large (Serving 2nd Service Members)  - Esther Kim


Preschool Director - Krys Yadao

Assistant Preschool Director - Cristina Stiles

Christian Education Director- Chris Chur

Youth Director - Erica Utu

Music Director - Eunice Chang

Organist/Accompanist - Erica Chang

MPC Office Manager - Kathryn Tingley

Bookkeeper - Charlene Storch